Be More Granny

This is Granny

She died last year aged 96. She trained as a dentist in the late 30s and spent the war as a dentist in the Women’s Royal Air Force. She lost her fiancé to the war (although we only discovered this at her funeral) and spent most of her life working as a dentist in Cumbria. She nursed her parents and when she moved south and married my grandpa in her 60s she nursed him through a major stroke.

She ate heartily and healthily. There were always Kitkats at Granny’s house and she only drank a small glass of champagne (or two) on special occasions. She loved to garden and walked at a million miles an hour, the click click click of her NHS issue walking stick heralding her arrival in later years.

There was not a bad bone in her body and I genuinely believe that she made it to nearly 100 without ever saying a bad word about anyone

She never had her own children but was the most caring and maternal woman I know

She LOVED food and could demolish a whole sea bass in record time. She worked hard all her life and she never complained. She was famously un-greedy asking only for a new ironing board cover one Christmas!
Granny left me some money when she finally gave in to dementia and it is that money that is financing my gym equipment so there will be some reminders in the gym to #bemoregranny (and kitkats!) and this is why 💛

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