“Erica is brilliant! Her encouraging, positive and practical approach to getting me moving has been exactly what I (didn’t know I) needed! If you’d told me 3 months ago I’d be getting up at 6am twice a week to train, I would have laughed until I cried. Now, I love it! I feel so much fitter and more energised – after just 8 weeks. We’ve had the first session in the new gym this week and the space is amazing 😍 The group session was lots of fun too. If you’re unsure how and where to start on your fitness journey, no matter what your age or level of fitness, I’d really recommend getting some of Erica’s magic in your life! ❤️” Simone

“Erica is brilliant. Really encouraging and lovely.” Nicola

“Erica is such an awesome PT and fitness coach. She is so knowledgeable and so encouraging. I have been working with her for 3 months now and I am really starting to feel the difference. She has also just opened her women’s only gym in Shepton Mallet, which is a wonderful environment to train in.” Sarah

“Wow, I have come so far already! I cannot sing your praises enough, so positive and inspiring”Kate

“This lovely lady has gotten me get off my backside & is helping get me fit for running. I feel totally comfortable, at ease and with Erica and have great faith in her knowledge & ability. Currently we train in my home which works brilliantly but I am also so looking forward to being able to use her gym. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Alex

“Erica is an absolute diamond and I am so pleased to have found her. She is patient, fun, kind and most importantly encouraging. I have not done exercise for years and have been scared about joining in on any groups due to my lack of knowledge and embarrassment of lack of fitness. Erica has made me feel invincible and that I CAN achieve my goals, she’s made me laugh even when she is pushing me and due to her wealth of knowledge I have seen an amazing improvement within myself, physically and mentally.”Sophia

“I’m relatively news to this working out malarkey and Erica has really helped inspire me to look at my overall diet and exercise routines. Her energetic and yet caring approach was brilliant; encouraging me to push a little harder exactly when I could! Her food and nutrition knowledge is extensive and eclectic and I’ve made some delicious things on her recommendation. She’s awesome and will make you feel awesome!!”Alice

“I am so enjoying working with Erica. I am seeing the results I want…leaner body shape, faster running times and having fun too.”Katharine